Joint transplant gaining momentum in Chitwan


September 2, 2021


Joint transplant gaining momentum in Chitwan

Bharatpur Hospital (File photo)

DEUKHURI: Joint transplant service is gaining momentum at Bharatpur Hospital in a way that the indigent people do not need to travel Kathmandu and outside for the service.

Dr Shrawan Kumar Thapa is taking the lead of the service delivery on joint transplant. Orthopedic and and joint transplant specialist Dr Thapa has been involved in transplanting joints at the hospital for over six years.

More than 80 transplants have been undertaken so far at the hospital in the period. He has also been providing this service from Maulakalika Hospital in Chaubiskothi in the morning and evening times, and on public holidays.
Transplant of knee, heap and elbow has been done so far, he shared, adding metal LOA – a composition of different metallic elements has been used for transplant.

The transplant process is expensive as the metal itself is costly, Thapa added. “The metal LOA made up in the US costs Rs 200,000 and Indian one is available at Rs 150,000”, Dr Thapa further informed. In addition, the surgery expenses are cheaper in government hospitals.

It involves a major surgery. This problem is generally seen among the elderly above 65, mostly due to joint erosion, rheumatism, injuries and contagious diseases such as Tuberculosis as well as genetic reasons, he explained. Such health complications are also visible among some children due to genetic issue, Thapa added.

The transplant once works for 15-25 years, Dr Thapa said, suggesting patients to have this service in Nepal to avoid unnecessary expenses. He further shared that there is dearth of public awareness program on joint transplant in Nepal. (RSS)