Stock market rebounds after crashing for two days


June 2, 2021


Stock market rebounds after crashing for two days

KATHMANDU: The stock market, which declined continuously on Monday and Tuesday, bounced back on Wednesday. The Nepse index increased by 55.76 points and reached 2,827.12 points today.

The Sensitive Index, which measures Class A transactions, also rose by 7.83 points. Earlier, the market had declined by 45 points on Monday and by double digit on Tuesday.

The transaction amount also improved Wednesday compared to Tuesday. The amount that was less than Rs 9 billion Tuesday exceeded Rs 11.35 billion on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the sub-indices of all groups, except mutual funds, rose in the group index. The share price of hydropower companies had declined for two consecutive days. On Wednesday, hydro sector saw an improvement.

Nepal Reinsurance Company saw the highest transaction of more than Rs 1.37 billion today.