India lockdown hits supply of daily essentials in Nepal

Foreign Ministry requested to resolve issue


March 26, 2020


India lockdown hits supply of daily essentials in Nepal

A rickshaw driver in Kathmandu is rendered jobless following a weeklong lockdown. (Photo: RSS)

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioning that the supply of daily essentials has been hit by a 21-day long lockdown enforced by India.

India has currently enforced a complete lockdown across the nation as a means to combat coronavirus.

The Ministry on Thursday wrote to the Foreign Ministry requesting to resolve the issue with India through the diplomatic channel.

“It is necessary to resume transportation of goods that are imported from India and from third countries through India to regularize the supply chain,” reads the statement issued by the Ministry.

The Ministry has requested the Foreign Ministry to resolve the issue so that the supply of essentials goods such as foods and medicines resumes from India.