Maternity Hospital to make 200 isolation beds


August 25, 2020


Maternity Hospital to make 200 isolation beds

KATHMANDU: In view of rising cases of coronavirus infection across the country, the Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital in Kathmandu is preparing to build an isolation facility with 200 beds.

As per the directive of the Ministry of Health and Population, the hospital is developing separate beds in its Kupandole-based building targeting the coronavirus infected ones.

Hospital’s Assistant Director Shreeprasad Adhikari said that the infected and suspected ones would be kept in the building.

So far, one only individual was infected with the virus among the 100 suspected.

The hospital has also shared that the suspected would be kept separately in the hospital itself.

Adhikari said that half of its employees attend the office and the services have been managed after the District Administration Office issued a prohibitory order in Kathmandu.

However, the number of women visiting the hospital for pregnancy and emergency services has not decreased even during the current time of coronavirus infection.

Currently, 60 to 70 cases of pregnancies are reported including 20 cases of cesarean. Adhikari said, “Both the normal and cesarean cases have not decreased as compared to the normal situation.”