Ex-Gurkhas in Indian Army worried about tense relations between Nepal, India


July 21, 2020


Ex-Gurkhas in Indian Army worried about tense relations between Nepal, India

KATHMANDU: The United Ex-Army and Police Welfare Federation has expressed its concern over the deduction of the social welfare allowance under COVID-19 crisis guise and requested the authority not to let the veterans get hard-hit by the crisis.

Issuing a press release on Tuesday, the Federation has expressed its concern over the new factors introduced to widen the gap rather than bridging it and requested the governments of both countries to address such issues on time so that the age-old relations at public level and the eons old cultural, religious and historical ties.

“Our relationship is at people’s level, both countries are honorable for us,” the statement reads ahead, “Hence, we want the government of both countries to act based on the historical, cultural and religious ties and the people to people relationship between the countries.”

The Federation has mentioned that it is worried noticing the ongoing muscle stretching regarding the border disputes in some places.

“More than 150 thousand ex-Gurkhas, 50,000 Gurkhas in service and their families are worried at the prospective misunderstanding that might erupt due to the border dispute ongoing lately,” the statement says.

It further reads that Kalapani, Limpiyadhura dispute should have long been resolved as 200 years have passed after the Sugauli Treaty.

The federation has requested the governments to resolve the issue through dialogue.

Recalling the contribution their income made in the national economy, while still in service and even after retirement, the veteran’s organization has warned government not to deprive them of their social security allowance.

It has even threatened to come to street provided the veterans are ignored and deprived of their basics.