Nepotism is never appropriate

Reeva Khanal

June 21, 2020


Nepotism is never appropriate

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It has been said that nepotism and corruption go hand in hand.

This tendency results in a chain of reactions, as a lot of talents are deprived of what they actually deserve.

I may not be wrong to say that despite being in the 21st century, people still disregard talents of others. Rather than talents, they prefer the personality and the family background they belong to.

In fact, people do not peek into the past life of a person, and the struggle that he/she had undergone.

Moreover, it leads to a lot of mediocrity. Everyone on this earth is born to be respected not to be hated or discriminated against. Everyone has the right to live freely and in a friendly environment.

Because of nepotism and favoritism, people who are extremely talented and can do much better if they are treated kindly and are given full support are lacking behind. This is, in fact, unacceptable.

Moreover, this is not the society where we are living in. It’s too late for every one of us to realize that if we are together and united to share each other’s feelings we can set an example.

History is easy to read or to accept but creating a history needs great work perseverance, and talent. The sudden demise of the extremely-talented, phenomenal actor Sushant Singh Rajput has become the talk of the town recently. Everyone is in shock after hearing this heartbreaking news. Depression is a state of a feeling in which people feel sad, lonely and they lose interest in their work.

Everyone needs a friend to share his/her emotions and feelings. If we can lend our hands to help someone get out of the problems we are a true friend we will actually play a vital role in the person’s life.

An extremely talented actor became lonely and saddened because he had no one to share his feeling with. I just can’t imagine the painful days he suffered from, the painful situation his family and fans are going through.

The question is why he became alone in the whole Bollywood industry?? The industry who has gained a lot of name and fame around the world. I just want to rename the industry as the nepotism industry.

The industry where just the family background of the people matters, their looks, money and the place they belong to. And today it’s actually proved that Bollywood is not successful as when the time came to lend help to the talented, shining star of the same industry no one lends their hands to him and the result he forcefully had to commit suicide.

He had inspired so many youngsters to believe in themselves and to have faith in themselves. Actors Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, etc. are praised a lot when they do romantic movies or a love story where there is a lot of love triangles.

Of course, we love those movies but we never heard of the praise given to Sushant Singh Rajput or any other actor who came from a non-filmy background.

To all those people who think that a person who starts his or her career from a small screen cannot do better than they are wrong from my point of view because the real hero is the one who rules the small screen and shines in the silver screen with his phenomenal acting skills.

The way Sushant Singh Rajput acted in the movie MS DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY made us believe that only a star can copy a star and a true legend.

The way he got fit in the character of MS DHONI couldn’t have been done that better by any of the actors in the industry.

Yes, we all know that he has never invited at the program ‘Koffee with Karan’ nor was he invited to any Bollywood parties, which is a shameless act for the industry.

Today, they lost some parts of their name and fame as all the fans of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput are raising their voices.

I am also with all those people. I am feeling extremely sad for him as in those painful days no one was there with him to share his feelings with.

Isn’t this so shameful thing to all the directors, producers, actors for not keeping Sushant as a member of the industry?

The thing which made me extremely shocked as he had not got any of the awards for his actions in the MS DHONI THE UNTOLD STORY.

It’s too difficult to believe that he is no longer with us. The hit songs of his movies are continuously being played in my mind and I can’t take my eyes off from the cheerful face he had.

And the industry is this cheap that now all the stars are writing long essays as if they are feeling very sad.

Actually, they must be very sad because they lost a star. They didn’t know the importance of the phenomenal actor Sushant Singh Rajput. I blame the whole industry for the suicide of the inspiring and extremely talented actor.

I admit that the talented actor’s sudden demise is because of the whole Bollywood industry. I cannot believe how people can be this mean and cruel.

When people are depressed the person needs someone who is close to them to help them in a hard situation but I feel ashamed to tell that we live in a society where an individual can’t understand the people from the same society can’t help each other in need.

Nepotism has made a huge influence on today’s world. Why is nepotism taking this great place everywhere?

The reason is that we people are not raising our voices against nepotism, we are not having confidence to rise and shine because we think that we are weaker than the people who are getting a great place everywhere which is the result of nepotism and favoritism.

Nepotism has always devastated my mood as I don’t want to live in a society where a talent, skills don’t matter. Only the thing matter is the standard of the people.

Sometimes, I wonder what will the future generation think of the kind of society we are living in. Nepotism is leading an individual to stop doing hard work because the mindset of everyone is that our work doesn’t matter.

After all, we don’t exist as we are cheaper than the rest. I know this quote since I was in grade 4 “hard work pays off’’ but now I don’t think so hard work doesn’t pay hard work doesn’t matter.

Nepotism is everywhere even in schools, colleges, hospitals, business sectors, etc. Nepotism must be stopped because it has already given a huge loss to the world and to society too.

(Khanal is a high school student)