Home Ministry annuls pass issued to ex-King Gyanendra Shah


May 14, 2020


Home Ministry annuls pass issued to ex-King Gyanendra Shah

Former King Gyanendra Shah is greeted by his well-wishers. (File photo/RSS)

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) has denied issuing a vehicle pass to former King Gyanendra Shah.

Jhapa District Administration Office had issued the pass to Former King Shah and his wife Komal Shah in Jhapa to come to Kathmandu on Friday.

But, the pass was later annulled by Home Ministry.

Chief District Officer Uday Bahadur Ranamagar admitted that the vehicle pass issued by the Jhapa District Administration Office on Thursday for going to Kathmandu was revoked within a few hours.

The former King Shah’s representative was immediately given a vehicle pass by the District Administration Office but the pass was later revoked by the Home Ministry.

CDO Ranamagar informed that the pass had to be canceled following the direction from the Ministry.

On Monday, the Home Ministry had decided to cancel all vehicle passes issued from one district to another with effect from Thursday.

Former King Shah had reached Jhapa with his wife Komal before the lockdown started.