Walnut production makes Humla farmers rich


November 14, 2020


Walnut production makes Humla farmers rich

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HUMLA:  Income of the farmers of Humla district has increased due to good production of walnut this year.

When the market of walnut is good, all the production was sold and the wallets of the farmers in the district have swollen.

Farmer Jor Bohara, who has planted four plants of walnut, said that he earned Rs. 200,000 by selling walnut this year.
About 20,000 pieces of walnut were produced in his four walnut trees, TRN quoted.

He said that the walnut has become a good source of additional income after the plants started producing fruit.
He said that all the fruits were sold in cash.

He expressed happiness over the good income of the farmers from walnut this year.

Dhanlal Jaisi of Deukhuri village in Kharpunath Gaunpalika-1 said that he would earn around Rs. 300,000 from the sale of walnut this year. He has grown seven walnut plants in his field.

As the income from walnut is good this year, he is planning to plant additional walnut trees this year.
He said that it could be sold latter as it is easy to store walnut.

The farmers do not have to worry about the market of walnut this year. In Simkot, a piece of walnut costs Rs. 10, Jaisi said.

As Humla district is good for walnut farming, agriculture technician Junu Rokaya said that commercial farming of walnut should be started in the district.

Rokaya suggested that it should be cultivated in a big scale at a time when more Humla people are planting a few plants as an alternative source of income.

According to the Agriculture Development Office, 2,000 walnut plants are now yielding fruit in Humla district.