Share market sees 7.56 point fall today

Sanima Bank holds the largest share of transaction tday


October 14, 2020


Share market sees 7.56 point fall today

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KATHMANUD: Wednesday witnessed a fall of 7.56 points in the share market as the one hour-long transaction brought the share market to 1,561.03 point today.

The sensitive index has also gone down by 1.42 point taking it down to 309.99 point. The market was 1,572 when it opened but after it reached to 1573.09 it saw the down index and started falling.

The market had the share transaction worth 295.82 million rupees in one hour.

According to the NEPSE sources, there had been the transaction of 1.91 million lot share of 165 companies during the period.

The source claimed that with its share transaction worth 34.37 million rupees, Sanima Bank turned out the bank with the highest number of transaction on Wednesday.

The General Insurance Company that had started its transaction regularly from Wednesday saw a rise in the share price. It’s share increased by 9.84%.

Out of 12 groups that saw transaction during the market period, the indicator of the entrepreneurs group has seen the rise by 0.14%, but other groups had seen the negative growth. The indicator of development bank declined by 1.75%.