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Make your home eco-friendly

14 July 2020  

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A holistic approach is necessary to make you home eco-friendly. A sustainable lifestyle applies to living in such a way that will support a healthy mind and body.

Planning, designing homes: It’s important to ensure there is maximum usage of natural light and ventilation.

Therefore, introducing elements such as a courtyard, terrace gardens, roof gardens, and water bodies, among others. This will help you to reduce the house’s internal temperature by at least two degrees and create an effect of a micro-climate.

Natural cleaning: Using harmful cleaning chemicals is bad for environment. Conventional cleaning products have risks like chemical burns to skin and eyes. Green cleaners, therefore, meet standards regarding combustibility, inhalation toxicity, and skin absorption.

Rainwater harvesting: Harvesting rainwater is a means to store rainwater during the monsoon to use it during water scarcity.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting, or a rain cistern can help collect water.

Make compost: Regular use of chemical fertilizers can lead to scorch in the leaves. Chemical fertilizers results in the acidification of soil and even contaminate the groundwater reserves. It also gives rise to severe illnesses. Fertilizer made of compost will improve the quality of soil and also reduces the amount of water required for gardening.

Using recycled products: Recycling helps a person to reduce consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, reduce air pollution and even water pollution.

Install solar panels: Solar panels also play an important role for an eco-home. Solar panels provide your home with clean electricity and help cut electricity bills.

Publish Date : 14 July 2020 05:33 AM

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