High power lights to be installed in over 50 intersections in Kathmandu


December 13, 2020


High power lights to be installed in over 50 intersections in Kathmandu

Image for Representation. Photo: Razorlux

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has decided to install high power lights at main intersections in Kathmandu Metropolis.

KMC Chief Administrative Officer Rajeshwar Gyawali said that high power lights are being installed in about 50 major intersections within this fiscal year.

“Even the main intersections were not well lit at night, so we are installing lights to keep the intersections safe and to maintain law and order,” he said.

According to Gyawali, the lights that are used in stadiums are being connected at the main intersections. New streetlights are planned to be installed on the main intersections within the Kathmandu Metropolitan area.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between KMC, Nepal Electricity Authority, and the Department of Roads to that end.

As per the agreement, in the first phase, 2,000 modern lights will be installed from the international airport to New Baneshwor, Tripureshwor, Kalimati, Kalanki, and other areas with an investment of around Rs 170 million.

KMC is planning to add such lights with 60 percent investment and NEA with 40 percent investment.

NEA will prepare the cost estimate, select the technology, procure, and supervise the construction work. The Department of Roads has said that the road, sidewalk, and other roads should be repaired after the construction of the project.

It has been agreed that the Department of Roads will allow the placement of poles on the roads as per the need, including the roads that may be widened or there are plans for expansion.