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Meditating for your mind and body during lockdown

09 June 2020  

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KATHMANDU: Meditation is beneficial for both the mind and the body as it triggers the release of immune-boosting chemicals into the system.

It gives you the gratitude, the wonder, awe, loving kindness and an altruistic outlook.

Meditation makes you feel calm and completely in the present. It helps people to let emotions come and go without holding onto them.

It also nourishes people’s feelings of compassion and gratitude during challenging times as it also enables a shift from reactive to responsive living.

Meditation also creates a state of presence as well as the ability to draw back to awareness at will.

It is for good health, prevention of illness and the ability to live intuitively.

Some tips:

Just sit or stand somewhere. Take a moment to get comfortable.

Now begin with the sense of sound, take some 15-20 seconds to note the noises around you that your hear.

Now move to the sense of sight. Again take some 15-20 seconds and notice what you see around you.

Now take some 15-20 seconds to note or sense what aromas are around you in the air.

This is also a meditation trick.

Benefits of meditation: 

Relieves stress

Stress reduction is one of the basic benefits that you can reap with meditation. The idea of the technique is to relax, which helps you to calm down and compose yourself. Not to mention, simple techniques like deep breathing can be helpful by increasing the oxygen level in your body.

Controls angst

Job-related anxiety is quite common these days. We all face them! But if you panic easily, control your anxiety by meditating daily in the morning. Just close your eyes and try to calm your mind, focusing on your breathing. We guarantee you’ll feel much better afterwards.

Boosts physical health

By increasing immunity, decreasing pain, and inflammation at the cellular level–meditation can give a major boost to your health. In fact, a 2019 study published in the Journal of Human Hypertensionfound that mindfulness meditation lowers blood pressure, reduces depressive symptoms, and makes you more accepting and less judgmental.

Helps you be more optimistic

In this rat race called life, happiness and optimism seem like a far-fetched dream. But meditation has that covered too. It’s been proven that regular meditation can help you regulate your thoughts.

Helps you be a multi-tasker

Just meditate and be a master of all. Studies have shown that practicing meditation can improve productivity. You can think better, can multitask, and as research suggests be more creative.

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