73 pregnant women die for lack of treatment since lockdown


September 6, 2020


73 pregnant women die for lack of treatment since lockdown

An expecting mother being airlifted to health facility. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: A total of 73 pregnant women have died in the last five months since the lockdown enforced to stem the coronavirus’ spread in Nepal.

According to the Family Welfare Division of the Department of Health Services, 48 died due to postpartum hemorrhage.

The deaths were caused due to unavailability of transportation during the lockdown and tendency to attempt deliveries at home, fearing coronavirus infection in the hospital and going to the health facility only in complicated cases, said Chief of Family Welfare Division Punya Gautam.

According to the survey, seven percent of the deaths were caused due to complications while giving birth at home without going to a health facility.

Eleven percent die on the way to the hospital late, and seven percent die within an hour after arriving in hospitals.

Similarly, 11 percent die within four hours of reaching the health facility and 32 percent breathed their last within 24 hours.

Of the 73, 60 died as they failed to reach hospitals timely, according to the department.