Elephant ‘Puajakali’ dies after prolonged illness


December 24, 2019


Elephant ‘Puajakali’ dies after prolonged illness

Photo for Representation/SADC News

CHITWAN: Pujakali, a 38-year-old female elephant, who had been ill for long died Tuesday morning, according to the Chitwan National Park (CNP) authorities.

CNP chief conservation officer Narayan Rupakheti said Pujakali, who gave birth to around half a dozen calves, was brought to the Sauraha Elephant Breeding Centre.

She was under regular medication for a year, Rupakheti said.

Even though Pujakali underwent several medical tests, she was diagnosed with no specific health issues.

According to CNP senior veterinary doctor Dr Bijay Shrestha, Pujakali was one of the female elephants that gave birth to more babies in the center.

Pujakali was brought to Chitwan from the Koshi Tappu in 2038 BS.

Currently, out of the 62 elephants in the CNP, the oldest is 74 years old.

The average life expectancy of an elephant is 70-80 years.