Ban on using tamed elephant


February 23, 2019


Ban on using tamed elephant

BANKE: The Banke National Park (BNP) has put a ban on the usage of  elephants for personal purpose. The BNP has made the rule following the Act related to elephant management.

Yubaraj Ragmi, Chief Conservation Officer at BNP informed, “We have stopped leasing the park’s elephants after the government’s ban. They will be used only for tasks and activities of the Park and conservation area”.

The Park has four elephants at present and domestic tourists would be charged Rs 5,000 each for a ride of six hours. Likewise, the charge would be Rs 10,000 each for tourists of SAARC countries, and Rs 20,000 each for tourists of other foreign countries, said Bishnu Thapaliya, Information Officer at the BNP.