Gaura Parba celebrated with gusto in Kathmandu (photo feature)


August 23, 2019


Gaura Parba celebrated with gusto in Kathmandu (photo feature)

KATHMANDU: People in the Far West State and Karnali State celebrated Gaura Parba at Tundikhel in Kathmandu on Friday.

The festival is a common festival of each community, class and regions in the Far-West which strengthens unity amidst diversity.

The festival which is believed to be in existence since ancient times is observed commemorating the dedication and a rigorous fast by Hindu Goddess Parbati also worshipped as the Gauri to get Lord Mahadeva as her spouse.

It is celebrated with specific rituals. The message about the commencement of the festival is given through the performance of Deuda dance by men in temples where the festival’s concluding rituals will be conducted.

The festival rituals primarily include the Deuda dance and song and the preparation of Biruda by mixing five types of grains which are made into the form of a ball to offer to the Goddess Gauri (Parbati).

Photo: Adipt Shrestha