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Know about your urine color and effects

21 August 2019  

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Urine color can sometimes be pale-yellow color or a deep amber. This is generally caused by the pigment called urochrome, which is also known as urobilin.

Therefore, it is advised to drink plenty of water or to become more hydrated.

What is the color of ‘normal’ urine?

Urine should fall on the yellow spectrum. This depends on the amount of water you drink. Those drinking more water or becomes hydrated produce more clear.

If the color of urine is cloudy or a bit brown, one needs to see a doctor.

The color of urine is basically determined by how much water one drinks. Urine becomes light and clear if you drink lots of water and the urine will become darker if you drink less water.

Diet, minerals, and vitamins

Diet is also one of the factors. The color of foods or sometimes fruits can also create a different color.

Sometimes, vitamins such as Vitamin B, also cause fluorescent yellow-green color urine.

Multi-vitamin can sometimes be the source of brightly colored urine.

Excess Vitamin C can also lead to urine that’s orange or dark yellow.

Proper hydration

Failure to properly hydrate after an exercise or workout can also lead to dehydration or darker urine.

Medical conditions

Sometimes, changes in urine color can be a sign of troubles with your liver, kidney, or bladder function. If the urine becomes cloudy, one may have a kidney or bladder infection.

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Publish Date : 21 August 2019 20:05 PM

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