Social security scheme to come into force from July 17


May 17, 2019


Social security scheme to come into force from July 17


KATHMANDU: The government has planned to make employers and employees contribute to the Social Security Fund (SSF) starting July 17, a news from The Himalayan Times said.

As part of implementing the contribution-based Social Security Scheme of the government, the SSF has been collecting the details of employees from different employer firms in the country.

As per SSF officials, over 2,500 firms have registered their details at the fund while other firms have been registering themselves every via the fund’s website.

Under contribution-based SSF, private sector employees will have to contribute 11 percent of their basic salary to the fund, while employers or firms will have to contribute another 20 percent of the employees’ basic salary.

According to the scheme, of the total fund collected, SSF will allocate 3.22 percent for medical treatment, health and maternity security and 4.52 percent for accident and disability security. It will also allot 0.87 percent for dependent family security and 91.39 percent for old age security.