Facebook users reach 10.4 million in Nepal


December 15, 2019


Facebook users reach 10.4 million in Nepal

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KATHMANDU: Some 10,429,000 people, which account for 34.5% of its entire population, use popular social site Facebook in Nepal as per the latest data of November 2019. The majority of users are male representing 59.9%.

People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (47,00,000). The highest difference between males and females occurs within people aged 25 to 34, where males lead by 900 000.

Similarly, 12, 30, 800 use Instagram while 57, 90, 000 use Facebook’s messaging app Messenger, according to the social media analysis website NapolionCat.

Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide and Asia is Facebook’s most active region in terms of active users.

India has the highest number of Facebook registered users, not only in Asia but in the world. Facebook users in India have crossed 251 million marks, making it the largest audience country for the social media giant.

However, despite the strong gains, social media penetration remains relatively low in India as compared to other high Facebook user regions. With 131 million users, Indonesia has the second-highest number of Facebook users in Asia.

The number of users has increased by six percent in the last year. It is followed by Japan with 71 million users. Surveys, however, show that most Facebook users in Japan are adults while younger ones take to other social sites like Instagram and Twitter.

The Philippines has the fourth-highest number of Facebook users in Asia with 62 million people registered on the social networking site. It is the most popular networking site in the country and the number of Facebook users almost matches the number of internet users in the country.

Vietnam has the fifth-highest Facebook users followed by Thailand. South Korea has the seventh-highest number of Facebook users and almost half of the internet users are registered on Facebook.

Pakistan and Bangladesh have 32 million and 28 million users respectively. One of the less developed South Asian countries, Nepal has 10.4 million Facebook users followed by Cambodia with 6.3 million users. Sri Lanka has 5.5 million Facebook users.

Singapore has around 4.3 million Facebook users and more than fifty-two percent are male and 48 percent are female. Overall the Facebook users in the country are less than 45 years of age. Laos and Mongolia have 2.2 million and 1.9 million Facebook users respectively.

Bhutan and Brunei Darussalam have the least number of Facebook users.