Gastritis diet: what to eat and what to avoid?


September 15, 2019

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Gastritis diet: what to eat and what to avoid?

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Gastritis is the main name used for any condition that involves inflammation of the stomach lining. Gastritis can be either acute (happens all of a sudden) or chronic (happens over time). There are different types of gastritis that are caused by different factors.

What to eat?

High-fiber foods such as apples, oatmeal, broccoli, carrots, and beans

Low-fat foods such as fish, chicken, and turkey breast

Foods with low acidity, or are more alkaline, like vegetables

Drinks that are not carbonated

Drinks without caffeine

Probiotics such as kombucha, yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut

What to avoid?



Acidic foods like tomatoes and some fruits

Fruit juice

Fatty foods

Fried foods

Carbonated drinks

Spicy foods

Allergenic or symptomatic foods

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