Trump suggests ‘personal meeting’ with China’s Xi


August 15, 2019


Trump suggests ‘personal meeting’ with China’s Xi

HONG KONG: US President Donald Trump has expressed willingness to meet Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to discuss the deepening political crisis engulfing Hong Kong, BBC reported.

Trump, in a tweet, said he was confident Xi could deal with Hong Kong’s ongoing protests “quickly and humanely”.

He wrote that Xi “is a great leader who very much has the respect of his people”.

The president signed off the tweet with a question: “Personal meeting?”

Trump’s comments come after weeks of tumultuous pro-democracy protests sparked by opposition to an extradition bill in Hong Kong.

The Chinese government has strongly criticized the protesters, calling their behavior “close to terrorism”. A direct military intervention by China is feared by activists but thought unlikely by analysts.

Meanwhile, the US president’s national security adviser, John Bolton, warned China to tread “carefully” in Hong Kong “because people in America remember Tiananmen Square”.

Violent clashes between police and protesters broke out on Tuesday night, after days of peaceful demonstrations at Hong Kong International Airport.