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Govt. failed in addressing Raut and Biplav issues: Dr. Koirala

Dr. Shekhar Koirala is a central member of the opposition party, Nepali Congress (NC). In his recent conversation with Khabarhub, Koirala expressed his views on the latest political development in the country ranging from the deal between CK Raut and government to the ban imposed by the government on the activities of Netra Bikram Chand aka ‘Biplav’-led Nepal Communist Party (NCP). Excerpts:

How do you view the latest government’s ban on the activities of Biplav led NCP activities?

The government’s action of imposing a ban on the activities of a political party is undemocratic and thus wrong. You are letting a secessionist lose and banning a political party that demands a change in the political system. This cannot be thought of in a democracy and is meaningless. This issue has to be resolved through a dialogue.

Don’t you think the government move is against the destructive activities of Biplav led party such as: Ncell office bombing and the bombing at the house of a Foreign Employment Professional Entrepreneur?

I don’t believe on terrorist activities. But we have a proof that such issues can be resolved through talks. Late Girija Babu had appointed me to talk with the insurgent Maoist party. We held a series of talks and ultimately Prachanda and his party entered the main stream politics. Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa and ‘Biplav’ were once the members of the same party. Now Ram Bahadaur Thapa talks of destroying ‘Biplav’ whereas the government held talks with one who had been claiming for the secession of the country. Isn’t this ridiculous?

Was there a problem in the 12-point agreement reached between the then Maoist insurgents and the seven parties in 2005? It looks as if the insurgency had not been completely resolved.

The 2005 peace deal was the need of the time. The insurgency had claimed many innocent lives; the lives of security personnel as well as the militants and that of the NC as well as other party cadres.

Perhaps we could have forged a better deal. We could have completely settled the issue. Our political leadership always called it a domestic issue. But it has become an international issue now. It won’t be sorted out easily as claimed by Prachanda or Baburam. We neither followed the Supreme Court’s decision nor do we heed the international community. I don’t know what our leaders, Sher Bahadur and Prachanda are afraid of. You can’t think of a clean ambiance by hiding dust inside the carpet.

What is your take on the controversy regarding the 11-point deal with CK Raut and the government?

NC in the beginning welcomed the deal but later it made a correction. The 11-point agreement itself mentions of the term that refers to referendum.

My reading of the incident is that Raut was released in an understanding between the government and the Supreme Court. This is a grave issue. The constitution clearly says that one cannot raise the issues against the national flag and an independent state within the national territory. You could see CK Raut in Janakpur amid the clamor of Madhesh as a separate state with his party cadres waving flags for an independent Madhesh while the government is a mute spectator to this all. I have a great reservation to the government’s action regarding the deal.

Publish Date : 13 March 2019 18:47 PM

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