Democracy in Nepal is a mere delusion: Bijukchhe


May 10, 2019


Democracy in Nepal is a mere delusion: Bijukchhe
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Narayan Man Bijukchhe, Chairman of Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party, has been a vocal critic of the current parliamentary system. Bijukchhe, who has a stronghold in Bhaktapur, believes foreign intervention in Nepal has crossed its limits. If this continues, he claims, Nepal sovereignty will be at stake. Khabarhub engaged in a candid conversation with him. Excerpts of the conservation:

As a communist party leader, how do you evaluate the communist parties’ functioning in Nepal?

In fact, it’s not the terminology, but the behavior and attitude of the leaders that defines a real communist. In Nepal’s case, the so-called communist parties here are capitalists disguised as communists.

If you recall my past comments, I have been saying that while the CPN-UML is a ‘younger Nepali Congress’, Maoists are India’s “Trojan Horse”. Since Nepali Congress has been ‘exhausted’, their ‘master’ changed the horse branding it as ‘Nepal Communist Party’.

Do you have any idea about the destination of that particular ‘horse’?

The ‘master’s’ destination is to enter the north by riding the ‘Trojan Horse’. Moreover, the US has stationed its navy at India’s Visakhapatnam following an agreement with India. Take for instance why Pakistan is not in BIMISTEC. Another very important step is the Indo-Pacific strategy, which is undoubtedly an anti-China move. And, they are working out on a plan to form a new military coalition among the countries – as part of the Indo-Pacific strategy.

But the political parties claim to be the champions of democracy in Nepal.

Democracy in Nepal is a mere delusion. The objective of these political parties is to hand over the country to their master in the pretext of a democratic republic. Have can you believe that a genuine communist party can build up camaraderie with the United States?

Are you also pointing your fingers at India for Nepal’s instability?

It’s very much clear that India has been using Nepal’s political forces as per its convenience. Moreover, Nepal’s communists are more prone to becoming puppets. In the past, India used the Nepali Congress and the Maoists. Since it wanted to construct a new house, the basic thing would be to demolish the old house to fulfill their vested interest, and Nepal’s monarchy became the victim of such a strategy. Now, Nepal has been entwined into their scheme with Nepal Communist Party playing the major role as the ‘internal plotter’.

Are you trying to say that the then Maoist leaders are the real baddies?

Indeed, they and groomed by India to get rid of the monarchy and create instability here. India supplied arms to them and the Maoist leaders reciprocated by leaking key information.

But why India, the world’s largest democracy, felt the need to make ties with communists in Nepal?

India understands that Nepal’s communist parties are fake communists. Moreover, it is easy for India to use these fake leaders because they will be ready to go any extent to fulfill their vested interests. After the abolishment of the institution of monarchy, these parties have been dancing to the tunes of India to defame Nepal Army, which has always remained aloof from controversy. There are several instances that the parties have endeavored to drag NA into controversy, and the most recently the NA’s involvement in the construction of the fast-track. The decision to give away this contract is to defame and drag the army into controversy in the long run, and secondly, it will be easy for the Indian Army to enter Kathmandu through the fast-track. Therefore, NCP Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal is involved in all these behind the screen schemes.

In such a scenario, what is the future? Who will take the lead?

These political parties will remain here. But Indians will prevail in the long run because Nepal’s political slaves act according to their master. Look at the Nepali market, it’s India-dominated. The political intervention has crossed its limits. Several agreements, which are drafted in Hindi and English in New Delhi will be translated in Nepal and signed by Nepali leaders here.

Your allegations seem to be baseless. Do you have any grounds to substantiate them?

To recall, Maoists fighters were already in Kathmandu as laborers, restaurant workers, among others during the decade-long insurgency. Nepal government’s intelligence was an utter failure then. Even now, the country’s rulers seek advice from Indian rulers and appoint judges and security chiefs according to the directives. Now, let me cite a few examples of communist behavior. For instance, look at the Baluwatar land scam. Peek through the background of the so-called communist leaders and compare their living standard now. Everything that is happening in Nepal is under total pressure from external elements. Forget about the communists, even the Nepali Congress cannot raise its head without India’s support.

What is the role of Nepal’s intellectuals, literate and mindful people in such a context?

Unfortunately, even the majority of the intellectuals have been running after power and positions. What they need is prestigious posts. They, too, are helpless.

Nepal’s parliament does not deliberate serious issues such as the Baluwatar land scam, wide-body scam, and other irregularities. Why is this?

Unfortunately, this is the irony. The Auditor General’s office presents its report on a monthly basis but the issues do not get a place in the parliament.

What do you have to say about the system and the parliament?

This capitalist system is gradually waning. Therefore, we have been pressing for a socialist system. In fact, the present system does not work in Nepal. This has to end one day. Another dark side is that this system and parliament are dominated by bad people. And how do you expect good things to happen from these bad people?

What is the future?

India will continue to increase its influence here. Nepal will only have its name but everything would be guided by India because the self-centered leaders have failed to think of the country’s future. Now that, people should rise and take the lead to save the country from going into foreign hands. The assumption that China will come for rescue if India intervenes Nepal is wrong.

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