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Leadership should own responsibility for failure: Deep Kumar Upadhyaya

04 February 2019  

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Nepali Congress leader Deep Kumar Upadhyaya, who also served as Nepal’s ambassador to India, talks about anomalies within the Nepali Congress (NC) party. Talking to Khabarhub, he says the leadership should have the courage to own responsibility for failure in politics. Excerpts:

Nepali Congress (NC) has failed to present itself in a stringent manner surrounding the National Medical Education Bill. How do you analyze the party’s position?

Nepali Congress, in fact, has been playing the role of a responsible opposition. Unlike in the past, NC did not or will not involve in destructive activities in the parliament. The party has made its stance clear on the issues raised by Dr. Govinda KC, who has been vigorously fighting to improve the country’s health sector. But the government seems to be least bothered to address his genuine demands.

It is high time that the leadership moved ahead in line with the new constitution to shoulder the responsibility. The party leaders must mend their ways.

What would be NC’s strategy now?

Firstly, the NC top brass should end the filthy game of factionalism within the party at a time when the country has already embarked on the path of federalism. Unfortunately, the NC seems to be enmeshed in the previous 240 election constituencies and four thousand units, which has become history now. It is high time that the leadership moved ahead in line with the new constitution to shoulder the responsibility. The party leaders must mend their ways.

Is it judicious to put all the blame on the party leadership for the failure?

The concern is not about blaming the current party leadership. When we talk about the country’s current state of affairs, leaders of other parties, who have led the government, are equally responsible for the mess. Therefore, the need of the hour is to find a meeting point to iron out the differences for the country’s prosperity. For this, the government has to take the initiatives. I would say it would not be judicious to point fingers at Prime Minister K P Oli alone for the current situation. We, including Nepali Congress and other parties, are equally responsible for the unbridled corruption, bad governance, and other anomalies dogging the nation. Meanwhile, what should not be forgotten is – NC had been in the government for the highest number of times than any other parties since 1990.

Can NC present itself as a responsible opposition?

Talking about being a responsible party, NC needs a competent leader who is capable of ending intra-party differences and factionalism within the party. NC’s Mahasamiti meeting has just concluded. We have also decided to endorse the party statute with amendments. The question is: when communists can come together, can’t NC take the initiative to create an environment to bring all democratic forces under one roof? Unfortunately, NC leadership is still engaged in intra-party wrangling.

Do you see any possibility of leadership change in NC?

The first and foremost thing is to cleanse the party, which, however, seems a distant aspiration. We cannot expect change until and unless the party is in the grip of greed and unethical leaders. Take for instance, in a developed country a leader steps down immediately on the basis of moral responsibility, which is unusual in Nepal. Even NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba lacks the vision to drive the party to a new height. He would have been revered had he stepped down on moral grounds after the humiliating defeat in the parliamentary and provincial elections.

People are frustrated with the political parties of late. Leaders seem to be least bothered with the people’s aspirations. In such a situation, how can the country move ahead?

As I told you earlier, the leaders of all political parties need to correct themselves. But more importantly, especially those in the government need to realize their mistakes. Or else, the situation would worsen. Leadership should take responsibility for the debacle in politics.


Publish Date : 04 February 2019 10:58 AM

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