All beds in BPKMCH made free


August 30, 2023


All beds in BPKMCH made free

BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital in Chitwan/File Photo

CHITWAN: All general beds in the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH) in Chitwan district have been made free effective from coming September 17.

The first meeting of the hospital management since executive director Dr Shivaji Poudel assumed his office took the decision to this effect recently.

The provision is, however, not applied for beds related to ICU, post-operate ward and cabin services in the hospital having altogether 450 beds, according to the hospital source.

Among the total beds, 350 are general beds. The hospital has been providing free meal to the patients.

Newly appointed executive director Dr Poudel pledged to devote his full time in the hospital and will work towards improvement in the hospital management and services.

Further, he assured that there will be an arrangement for the patients who come to the Hospital to treat them within the Hospital.

Dr Poudel urged all the doctors and other healthcare service provides to use discretion while treating the patients.

The civil charter, suggestion box and information boxes will be set up within the hospital, he vowed, adding that the OPD would be further managed and more services will be added for the patients.