Landslide obstructs Siddhartha Highway in Palpa


July 30, 2023


Landslide obstructs Siddhartha Highway in Palpa

JCVs trying to remove the obstruction/File Photo for Representation

BUTWAL: The vehicular movement on Siddhartha Highway has been brought to a halt as a landslide struck near the Siddhababa temple along the Butwal-Palpa road section.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning, causing the complete blockade of the road at Tinau-3 Siddhababa in Palpa, on the stretch of Siddharth Highway.

Local authorities, particularly the Dobhan police station, have been tirelessly working to clear the road by removing the debris resulting from the landslide.

Despite the efforts to restore passage, the task is proving challenging, and authorities estimate that it may take several more hours to fully reopen the highway for commuters.

In response to the situation, two JCVs (mechanical excavators) have been deployed to expedite the removal process and alleviate the disruption caused by the landslide.

Drivers and travelers in the area are advised to stay informed about the ongoing developments and seek alternative routes until the situation is resolved and the Siddharth Highway is safely accessible again.