Disgust with old parties laid ground for new alternative forces: Former PM Dr. Bhattarai


October 26, 2023


Disgust with old parties laid ground for new alternative forces: Former PM Dr. Bhattarai

Former Prime Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Former Prime Minister and Chairman of Nepal Samajwadi Party, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, stated that the growing discontent with traditional political parties and their leadership has set the stage for the emergence of new alternative political parties.

Posting his views on Twitter (X) on Thursday, he acknowledged the natural surge of public resentment and frustration towards established political entities.

“Just as discontent serves as the precursor to novel creations, it also lays the foundation for the establishment of innovative alternative forces,” he stated.

He cited the words of Einstein, “The problem cannot be solved by standing in the same consciousness that created it.”

Moreover, he referenced Rosa Luxemburg’s ideological challenge to Lenin, emphasizing, “No revolution can stand still; it either advances or retreats.”

Reflecting on the historical trajectory of Nepal’s democratic revolution initiated by BP and Pushpalal around 2007 BS, he underscored that the post-2072 period witnessed a relative culmination of this revolution with the promulgation of the Federal Democratic Republic Constitution.

However, he lamented that the subsequent lack of protection and development of this crucial political evolution failed to align with Nepal’s contemporary geopolitical and geo-economic landscape.

Bhattarai also pinpointed a pressing issue in Nepal, attributing it to the self-serving inclinations of former revolutionary leaders.

“The main predicament today is that these erstwhile revolutionaries have become entangled in the pursuit of power, forsaking the quest for good governance and equitable prosperity for the common populace, as well as the holistic progression of the revolution,” he stated.

Furthermore, he stated that back in 2072 BS, his party had anticipated the necessity for a ‘new power’ equipped with fresh pioneering ideologies.

However, their attempt to incorporate remnants of the decaying old guard resulted in disillusionment and did not yield the anticipated results.

Acknowledging these setbacks, he expressed a renewed commitment to the mission of fostering alternative power, rectifying past mistakes and shortcomings.