Bank account for new born daughters


June 24, 2023


Bank account for new born daughters

Building of Baglung Municipality/File Photo

BAGLUNG: Baglung municipality has adopted a policy of opening a bank account in the name of all girls born within the municipality.

This has been mentioned in the policy and program of the fiscal year 2080-81. The municipality will open the bank account along with a deposit of Rs. 5,000.

Mayor Basant Kumar Shrestha said that the municipality has also forged an agreement with the concerned bank to provide the highest interest to the account, and money from the account cannot be withdrawn for at least 20 years.

The municipality says that the program titled “Daughter of the Municipality’ has been introduced to respect women, recognize the mistreatment of mothers and newborns after the birth of a daughter, examination of the fetus during pregnancy, feticide and the wrong attitude towards the daughter.

A beautiful, prosperous, happy and happy Baglung municipality has been envisioned in the policy and program presented by Mayor Shrestha.

The municipality has also introduced the ‘Dog Hostel’ program to manage street dogs.

More emphasis has been laid on the development of agriculture as an enterprise and farmers as entrepreneurs.

Similarly, there a policy has been adopted to make good use of the barren land, promote tourism through a master plan, encourage youths to return home and to increase the quality of education, said Shrestha.

The municipality will provide free health services to senior citizens, the helpless and the economically disadvantaged, build one playground per ward, encourage sports and pay attention to sustainable road construction.

The municipality has adopted the policy of building a labor bank, exploring copper mining, and conducting the Mayor Mero Saathi program, among others.