Authorities not to allow concurrent programs by Yuwa Sangh and Durga Prasai at same venue


November 20, 2023


Authorities not to allow concurrent programs by Yuwa Sangh and Durga Prasai at same venue

Kathmandu District Administration Office, Babarmahal/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu District Administration has declared that both Yuwa Sangh and Durga Prasain’s scheduled programs on November 23 will not be allowed to take place at the same venue, citing concerns for peace and security.

Originally slated for a show of strength at Maitighar Mandal in Kathmandu, Chief District Officer Jitendra Basnet said that holding programs for both sides simultaneously at the same location would not be permitted.

“Not only Maitighar Mandala, but there will also be no permission to hold programs of two different sides at the same place, time, and date in Kathmandu,” Basnet emphasized, adding, “We ask them to hold the program at an alternative place.”

He suggested Tinkune, Khulamanch, Narayan Chaur, Machhapokhari, and Kirtipur as alternative locations.

The District Administration Office has summoned representatives from both sides for a discussion, signaling an intention to guide them in choosing an alternative venue for their respective programs.

Yuva Sangh led by CPN-UML leader Mahesh Basnet has submitted a petition requesting peace and security for its program on November 23, while Durga Prasai’s campaign has yet to be acknowledged by the administration.

Meanwhile, in response to the potential confrontation between the two sides, the Home Ministry has conducted discussions with Chief District Officers and police chiefs from all three districts of the valley.

Concerns were raised that allowing both programs to proceed in Maitighar Mandala simultaneously might escalate tensions beyond control.