Constitution Day being observed today


September 20, 2023


Constitution Day being observed today

People observing Constitution Day in Kathmandu/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Constitution Day- Ashoj 3- is being observed by organizing various programs across the country today.

The Day marks the promulgation of the constitution written by the people’s representatives via the constituent assembly on Ashoj 3, 2072BS.

The present constitution is the seventh written constitution of Nepal which has aimed at establishing socialism through citizens’ socioeconomic and cultural rights.

It bears special significance for it was promulgated via the constituent assembly based on the second people’s movement, peace accord and peace process.

The peace accord was signed earlier between the then seven political parties and CPN (Maoist) party.

Importantly, it has formally institutionalized the new system of a federal democratic republic with the abolition of the unitary system and monarchy.

There are currently seven provinces, 753 local levels and a federal government as per the new form of governance adopted by the new constitution.

The national charter has 35 Parts, 308 Articles and 9 Schedules. Meanwhile, a special function is being organized at Army Pavilion at Tundikhel this morning.

Awareness drive, discourses and discussion are being organized on this occasion. Special features on the Constitution Day have been published in the print media and electronic media and special programmes being broadcast and telecast on this occasion.

The constitution promulgated by the citizen of the Nepal for themselves is being embraced by one and all gradually.

The incumbent government has put in place necessary policies and laws to enforce the constitution while efforts were underway to implement federalism effectively in the country.