Gold smuggling gang shifts tactics to hide precious metal in motorcycle brake pads


September 18, 2023


Gold smuggling gang shifts tactics to hide precious metal in motorcycle brake pads

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KATHMANDU: A criminal syndicate previously involved in smuggling gold concealed within smartwatches and beard shavers has changed its modus operandi, opting to hide the precious metal within motorcycle brake pads for smuggling.

This shift came about due to the frequent disappearance of gold-laden smartwatches.

Li Wen Sung, one of the accused arrested in connection with the gold smuggling case, explained that they resorted to this new method after several smartwatches disappeared from the Tribhuvan International Airport customs office. In his statement provided to the police, he informed the public prosecutor, “After losing eight watches, I began smuggling gold by concealing it in shavers and brake pads.”

According to Sung’s statement, each watch contained 20 grams of gold, while a single shaver concealed 50 grams of the precious metal. “At times, gold was concealed within these items, and at other times, it was not,” he clarified. “However, when gold was transported within the brake pads, none of it was ever lost, and one set of brake pads would typically contain between 500 to 600 grams of gold.”

Sung also disclosed that Chinese citizens Chong Ching Chhahrwang, Ping, and Yao Pucheng, known as Alex, were responsible for transporting these items through Ready Trade Pvt. Ltd. The police investigation revealed that Sung managed warehouses in Baluwatar and Lazimpat, facilitating the smuggling operation.

“As far as I am aware, on one occasion, 75 pieces of gold were concealed within a single watch, and this happened twice with the shavers,” he divulged. “In the case of the brake pads, 19-20 pieces of gold were typically hidden within each set.”

Furthermore, Chekwang revealed that he had been distributing gold nuggets to various individuals as directed by his contacts in China. “Sometimes, I would receive a photo of a 5-rupee note, and on other occasions, a 10-rupee note, and I would identify the serial number and deliver the gold to the person carrying that specific note,” he disclosed.