Remote Humla village gets 4G internet service


August 18, 2023


Remote Humla village gets 4G internet service

Logo of Nepal Telecom

HUMLA: The remote Limi village in Humla district has received 4G internet service from Nepal Telecom.

With this, the people from Til, Jang and Haljika villages at Namkha Rural Municipality in Humla have access to 4G internet service.

The internet service was brought into operation after a three-year-long exercise by the stakeholders.

Chairman of Namkha Rural Municipality-6 Paljor Tamang said that they have good access to establish contacts with those living abroad and in different parts of the country with the beginning of the 4G internet service.

Nepal Telecom has set up a tower for 4G internet service at an altitude of 4,600 meters. Likewise, solar panels have also been fixed on the site.

Prior to this, a private company had offered its internet service at Haljigaun in Limi.