NEPSE increases by 56.26 points on Sunday


June 18, 2023


NEPSE increases by 56.26 points on Sunday

KATHMANDU: The upward journey of the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index continued with the 56.26 point increase on Sunday.

Today NEPSE index reached 2094.33 points.

According to NEPSE, 12 million 95 thousand 966 shares of 280 different companies were bought and sold for Rs 4.869 billion today.

On Sunday, the banking group declined by 3.55 points, while all other groups’ sub-indices rose.

The highest increase is 694.14 in the sub-index of the life insurance group and 500.00 in the sub-index of the non-life insurance group.

Development bank increased by 50.12, finance by 35.77, hotel and tourism by 294.40, hydropower by 102.01, investment by 1.04, and manufacturing and processing group increased by 142.01 points.

Similarly, the sub-index microfinance group increased by 103.52, mutual fund by 0.12, business by 87.08, and other group by 86.30 points.

In today’s trading, the share prices of 28 companies have seen a decline, while the share prices of 6 companies have taken a positive circuit.

Nepal Insurance Company Limited, Prabhu Life Insurance Company Limited, Green Ventures Limited, Super Madi Hydropower Limited, Atmanirbhar Microfinance, and Menchiyam Hydropower Limited have a positive circuit in their share prices.

Among the biggest losers is Shubham Power Limited. Its share price fell by 5.58 percent. Based on the transaction amount and the number of shares traded, Shivam Cement had the largest share. It had 649 thousand 505 shares worth Rs. 366,499,158 transacted today.