Karnali government to give 17 types of subsidies to farmers


September 17, 2023


Karnali government to give 17 types of subsidies to farmers

Office of the Chief Minister, Karnali Province/File photo

SURKHET: The Karnali province government is going to give 17 types of subsidies this year to encourage farmers in the province.

Various grants are going to be given under the approved program of the current financial year 2080-81.

According to the provincial directorate of agriculture, farmers who are engaged in agricultural business groups, agricultural cooperatives, entrepreneurs and private firms can apply for the subsidy.

The directorate has mentioned that agricultural subsidies will be provided for Dalit women and backward classes under the targeted income generation program.

Subsidies will be given in income-generating programs targeting people with disabilities, for pulse crop promotion programs and advanced seeds.

Acting Director of the Directorate, Chitra Bahadur Rokaya, said that subsidies will be given for food crop seed production program, beekeeping, tea farming and commercial agro business promotion.

The directorate will also give subsidy on land rent and electricity tariff.