Waste disposal disrupted once again at Banchare Danda


July 17, 2023


Waste disposal disrupted once again at Banchare Danda

Waste laden trucks at Banchare Danda, Nuwakot/File photo

KATHMANDU: The efficient management of waste in the Kathmandu Valley has encountered fresh challenges as residents of Kakani rural municipality in Nuwakot and Dhunibesi municipality in Dhading have obstructed the transportation of waste containers to Banchare Danda, the designated landfill site.

The protesting locals claim that their action is a result of the non-fulfillment of previously agreed-upon terms with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC).

They contend that despite reaching an agreement one year ago, the KMC has failed to implement the agreed-upon measures, thereby disrupting waste management activities across 18 local levels in the Kathmandu Valley.

Man Bahadur Tamang, Chair of Ward No. 1 in Dhunibesi municipality, stated that waste disposal has been suspended starting today.

He emphasized the untenable living conditions alongside mounting waste and demanded either the management of waste in alternative locations or the relocation of local residents. He warned that unless the issue is promptly addressed, frequent disruptions in waste disposal are likely to occur.

In response to the protests, approximately 50 waste containers were halted between Sisdole and Banchare Danda. The locals accused the KMC of deceit, alleging that the agreements included provisions for segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and limiting the disposal site to only degradable waste.

The protesting individuals criticized the KMC for its failure to implement the agreement despite one year having passed since its signing.

However, Sunil Lamsal, Infrastructure Advisor to the KMC, affirmed that waste management activities are being carried out in accordance with the agreement. He explained that the primary demand of the locals is the acquisition of 3,000 ropanis of land surrounding the waste disposal site, which cannot be accomplished solely by the KMC. Lamsal confirmed that the KMC is engaging with the federal government regarding this matter.

Previously, waste collected from the 18 local levels in the Kathmandu Valley was managed at Sisdole. However, it was subsequently shifted to the nearby Banchare Danda landfill site, situated at the border of Nuwakot and Dhading districts.