Lawmakers stress on immediately providing citizenship cards to Nepalis bereft of one


June 15, 2023


Lawmakers stress on immediately providing citizenship cards to Nepalis bereft of one

Lawmakers at the House of Representatives/Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have stressed that the judiciary should pave the way for those Nepalis, who are without citizenship, to obtain one immediately.

During an emergency time of today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, they said the judiciary should settle the issue related to citizenship.

Stating that those, who are without citizenship, are deprived of basic rights including education and employment in lack of citizenship card, they drew attention of all sides to listen the voice of the people who are deprived of the citizenship.

Lawmaker Abdul Khan shared all should take initiatives to provide citizenship to those citizens without one.

“Many people who are without citizenship have been making attempts for self-immolation across the country including in Kathmandu. They might commit self-immolation en mass in coming days if it is not stopped. Who will take responsibility for it? Will government of Nepal take responsibility for it or judiciary?”

Khan questioned, “Is asking for citizenship a crime? We are Nepalis and we are citizens living in Nepal. Is it a crime to ask for citizenship?”

Similarly, lawmaker Rekha Yadav said that judiciary should settle the citizenship related bill.

Stressing that citizens living in own country should not remain without citizenship, Yadav viewed that all should take the issue related to citizenship seriously.

Likewise, lawmaker Dr Amaresh Kumar Singh sarcastically commented that the government has maintained ‘prestigious history’ by imposing VAT on potato and onion, demanding to scrap immediately such decision having direct impact on daily life of the people.

Drawing the government’s attention towards the incident in which according to him police seized goats reared and sold by farmers of Sarlahi citing they were brought by evading tax, Singh shared that such types of activities have put the farmers residing at bordering areas in problem.