Preparations on to include Devanagari script in embossed number plates


June 15, 2023


Preparations on to include Devanagari script in embossed number plates

Department of Transport Management building. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Preparations have been accelerated to implement printing embossed number plates for vehicles in Nepali language.

The Department of Transport Management has forwarded statistic collection to print the embossed number plates in English, Nepali or in both languages.

The cabinet meeting on April 4 this year had decided to permit printing of embossed number plates in the Devanagari script (commonly in Nepali language).

The linguists, cultural experts and parliamentarians long had been advocating for usage of Nepali language in the embossed number plate that would also help address safety concerns of the vehicle and users as such plates are based on a high-security computerized technology having a chip connected with a GPS system of the vehicle.

The Department at present was collecting data about how many embossed numbers to be printed in Nepali, English and both languages.

Installation of those number plates would gain pace thereafter as the outsourcing company would be assigned to print embossed number plate accordingly, said Ishwori Dutta Paneru, Spokesperson at the Department.

Vehicles of two-wheelers, four-wheelers light and four-wheeler heavy categories would get embossed number plates in accordance with shape and size of vehicles, informed Spokesperson Paneru.

Since the Department lacked data on vehicles all over the country, they were collecting data through Transport Management Offices in each province, he said.

“Initially, 2.5 million embossed number plates would be printed. Before that we need to have a clear understanding about how many to be printed in Nepali, in English in both languages,” the Spokesperson said.