Govt decides to shut down TikTok in Nepal


November 13, 2023


Govt decides to shut down TikTok in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The government has taken a definitive stance to discontinue the operation of the popular Chinese app TikTok within the country.

As communicated by Rekha Sharma, the government’s spokesperson and Minister of Communication and Information Technology, the decision to shut down TikTok was reached during a cabinet meeting held today.

Explaining the rationale behind the move, Minister Sharma stated, “The cabinet meeting held today decided to discontinue TikTok due to concerns about its impact on social harmony.”

Minister Sharma emphasized that the decision to cease TikTok’s operations would be implemented promptly, with the Ministry of Communications overseeing the closure process.

“While the technical aspects of shutting down TikTok may take some time to finalize, the decision itself is effective immediately,” Minister Sharma affirmed. “The Ministry of Communications will coordinate the necessary measures to ensure a smooth closure of TikTok within Nepal.”