CIB arrests doctor mistakenly for alleged fake credentials


August 13, 2023


CIB arrests doctor mistakenly for alleged fake credentials

Central Investigation Bureau/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Recent developments have brought to light a significant error in the arrest of one out of the seven doctors apprehended by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) on charges of possessing fake educational certificates.

The Nepal Medical Council has confirmed that Dr. Ranjit Yadav, among those taken into custody, is not in fact a fraudulent practitioner. The confusion surrounding his identity led to his arrest.

Dr. Krishna Adhikari, Registrar of the Council, clarified that apart from a discrepancy in the father’s name, all other details, including name, surname, and address, were accurate.

The wrong individual was apprehended, and the actual target of the investigation remains free.

Dr. Shraddha Silpkar, associated with Ishan Hospital Dhapasi in Kathmandu, and Manish Chaudhary of Morang, both captured by the CIB, are individuals known for operating their own pharmacies.

During ‘Operation Charlie Foxtrot,’ a CIB initiative, a total of seven people were detained, including Dr. Sunil Sharma, Dr. Ranjit Kumar Yadav, Dr. Amrit Chaudhary, Dr. Rambabu Yadav, and Dr. Erina Yadav.