100 kg gold enters Nepal illegally every day: KP Oli


August 13, 2023


100 kg gold enters Nepal illegally every day: KP Oli

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli/File photo

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli claimed that 100 kg gold has been smuggled to Nepal on daily basis.

Addressing the press conference at the party’s central office in Chyasal, Lalitpur on Sunday, Oli emphasized that approximately 100 kg of gold is entering Nepal through various customs channels in clear violation of the law.

He alleged that virtually every category of goods passing through customs is being exploited for gold smuggling, whether concealed within brakes, cigarettes, or vehicles.

“The presence of gold has been detected in unexpected places like vehicle brakes, cigarette packs, and even machinery components,” remarked the UML chair.

Oli further highlighted the issue of inadequate oversight at several customs checkpoints, leading to reduced revenue generation. He criticized the government’s handling of the situation and pointed out the lack of proper inspections at many customs points, ultimately contributing to a decline in revenue collection.

“The root cause of the revenue shortfall is the lack of robust customs enforcement, resulting in reduced commercial activity and revenue generation,” Oli argued.

The CPN-UML leader disclosed that his party has formally requested the establishment of a committee to thoroughly investigate potential government involvement in these smuggling activities. However, Oli expressed skepticism regarding the government’s willingness to initiate such an inquiry, suggesting a certain level of apprehension.

“If there is no government involvement, an unbiased investigation would undoubtedly confirm it. The reluctance to initiate such an inquiry raises questions about the government’s intentions,” Oli asserted.