Gamgadhi-Nakchelagna road project reports 18-km construction in 17 years


August 13, 2023


Gamgadhi-Nakchelagna road project reports 18-km construction in 17 years

Road construction/Image for Representation

MUGU: The Gamgadhi-Nakchelagna road construction project that was started in the fiscal year 2072-73 BS (2025-16) has far reported the construction of just an 18-kilometer section.

However, its detailed survey was concluded a decade earlier in 2062-63 BS. It is said the project’s progress has been on a snail-pace as it was not the priority of the government.

The 96-km project is capable of serving as the lifeline not only for Mugu but for the entire Karnali Province as it connects the region with the northern border China.

During the initial survey, the project was expected to cost Rs two and a half million for the completion and it was put under the supervision of the federal government with the country switching to federalism.

District Coordination Committee outgoing coordinator, Purna Bahadur Rokaya said, “It is of grave concern that the project has not been the priority of the federal government though it is of the tri-national significance.”

According to him, the trade relations of Karnali folks to Tibet have gotten shrunken due to the lack of timely completion of the road.

Karnali folks do the business of medicinal herbs, wools, salt and livestock with the Tibet.

Engineer Bir Bahadur GT deputed by the Road Division Office, Jumla to oversee the project said they faced no other constraints expect the budgetary one to undertake the project and conclude it.

To date 18.5 kilometers of road from Gamgadhi to Chhaiel Sulsule cliff at Karmarong rural municipality-9 has been constructed and the project has so far cost around Rs two million.

NGO Federation central member and civil society leader Santosh Kumar Malla urged the federal government to prioritse the project and accelerate it.

He is of the opinion that people’s representative from the district should raise their voices for the same.