Sankhuwasabha reports 1,700 plus dengue patients


November 12, 2023


Sankhuwasabha reports 1,700 plus dengue patients

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KHANDBARI: As many as 1,710 people have been confirmed infected with dengue in Sankhuwasabha district.

The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division has expressed its concerns about the rising number of dengue patients in this mountainous district.

However, Bhotkhola and Chichila rural municipalities have not reported the dengue patients in the district.

The Division shared the information on dengue control and treatment in Khandbari.

Director of the Division, Dr Rudra Marasini, urged the local levels’ representatives and health officials to proactively work to control dengue by raising awareness in public, activating the school health nurse program and mobilizing health volunteers to disseminate messages on dengue control and prevention.

Likewise, Dr Marasini asked to expedite the ‘search and destroy’ campaign.

The virus spreads from the bites of mosquitoes infected with dengue virus. Infected mosquitoes bite humans especially during daytime, it is said.

The symptoms of the disease include fever, severe headache, eyeball pain, body aches, loss of appetite, joint and muscle pain, stomach and intestinal disturbances.

According to doctors, people should wear clothes that cover the whole body, sleep inside mosquito nets at day and night, and use ointment to prevent mosquito bites while working around the house and in the fields.