Gandaki province to execute artificial insemination for improving animal breeding


June 12, 2023


Gandaki province to execute artificial insemination for improving animal breeding

Office of the Chief Minister. Gandaki Province, Pokhara/File Photo for Representation

POKHARA: The Gandaki Province government is set to implement an artificial insemination program for improving livestock breeding and increasing productivity.

The province government’s annual policy and program for the fiscal year 2080/81 has come up with a program for improving cows and buffaloes breeding and boosting productivity so as to make the province self-sufficient and commercial in milk production.

“Necessary arrangements will be made to ensure availability of seeds, saplings, fish breeds and different high breeds of livestock by establishing agriculture, livestock and fishery resource center at private and community level”, the annual police said.

The province government has put forth a program to incentivize the commercialization of livestock such as yak, sheep, goats and mountain goats in high-hill areas. It has also included a program to regulate quality of animal breeds, seeds, feed, medicines and organic materials so as to ensure farmers’ right to access quality production materials.

Among other programs included in the annual policy of Gandaki province are the development and execution of livestock and crops-related disease screening and monitoring systems, and emergency crop protection and pandemic control related program.

Likewise, other programs include the expansion of full immunization of livestock, incentivizing agreement-based agro-production system programming and assuring marketization, and improvement of agriculture and livestock regulation units established at Anbukhaireni (Tanahun) and Malunga (Syangja).