SC to begin hearing writ against release of Resham Chaudhary today


November 9, 2023


SC to begin hearing writ against release of Resham Chaudhary today

Supreme Court of Nepal, Ramshahpath in Kathmandu/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court (SC) is all set to commence hearings today on the case concerning the government’s decision to grant amnesty to Resham Chaudhary, the leader of Nagarik Unmukti Party.

Chaudhary’s release on May 29 followed President Ram Chandra Paudel’s decision to waive his sentence upon the government’s recommendation on the occasion of Republic Day.

However, the move has sparked controversy, prompting Sharada Kathayat, the wife of the slain police inspector Keshav Bohara, to file a writ in the Supreme Court against the amnesty.

Expressing her hopes for justice, Kathayat declared on the eve of the verdict, “I firmly believe that the judgment will be delivered. I am confident that justice will prevail.”

Resham Chaudhary’s sentence to life imprisonment, upheld by the Kailali District Court on February 23, 2019, and subsequently validated by the High Court on December 17, 2020, was initially confirmed by the Supreme Court.

However, Chaudhary’s release after a mere 13 days, with the full text of the verdict still pending at the time of the presidential pardon, has raised questions and concerns.