Five Nepali students trapped in missile-stricken Israeli bunker beg call for rescue (with video)


October 9, 2023


Five Nepali students trapped in missile-stricken Israeli bunker beg call for rescue (with video)

Nepali students caught in the crossfire of a Hamas attack in Israel/video grab

KATHMANDU: Five Nepali students in Israel, caught in the crossfire of a Hamas attack, issue a heartfelt plea to the Government of Nepal for assistance and immediate rescue.

Bipin Subedi, speaking in a video message from their insecure bunker, reveals that they had come to Israel to pursue studies at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences under Sudurpaschim University.

Subedi discloses that they have endured nightly missile strikes during their three-day stay in the bunker and implore the Government of Nepal to expedite their rescue, as they fear for their lives with the constant threat of attack.

He continues, “I am Bipin Subedi, and we are students from Sudurpaschim University’s Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. There are five of us here. Initially, I hesitated to make this video because it would cause distress to our families. However, as our country has not taken any action to help us, we are compelled to make this video.”

Subedi further elaborates, “There are five of us here, and this is the bunker where we are currently residing. We have been confined to this bunker for approximately three days. We have been here since yesterday evening, wearing the same clothes, hoping that the embassy would rescue us.”

He further adds, “That’s our only wish. But we have been here all night, throughout the day, and now it is morning. It’s 8 am now, and it was this morning that we gathered the courage to do this.”

He expresses their terror at nightfall when missiles rain down on their bunker. The fear of losing their lives keeps them awake throughout the night.

Subedi sadly reflects, “When night falls, it’s excruciating when the missiles strike our bunker. We have already lost ten friends, and we are terrified that we may meet the same fate.”

“We remember the cries of those ten friends, their desperate calls to us—everything. We haven’t slept a wink all night. Moreover, the Nepalese government seems to believe that we can survive missile attacks in this bunker. The entrance we use, which is now the only source of light, remains open,” his video message says.

“If terrorists find their way here and attack us as ruthlessly as they did our friends, we will meet the same fate. Please, we cannot wait any longer. We have heard in the news that India chartered an entire plane to bring back a TikTok star. Our Nepalese government informed us that we couldn’t do anything in the agricultural sector, yet we have lost ten out of thirty-nine students,” the video message states.

He adds, “Can’t something be done for those who are still alive? We could have contributed once we returned to our country. If action is taken, we don’t need to hear about ongoing meetings or be reassured through messages. The time for the state to act decisively is now. Please consider this.”

This heartfelt plea comes as a desperate cry for help from these Nepali students who find themselves trapped in a perilous situation in Israel.