Govt will not tolerate anarchic activities in Koshi: Home Minister


June 9, 2023


Govt will not tolerate anarchic activities in Koshi: Home Minister

Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha has warned that the government will not grant any exemptions for non-peaceful and disruptive activities in the Koshi province.

The main opposition party, CPN-UML, has expressed strong discontent over the repeated attacks on its leaders in the Koshi Province during Friday’s House of Representatives (HoR) session.

They had demanded a response from the Home Minister regarding these incidents.

UML lawmaker Yogesh Bhattarai issued a stern warning, stating that if the government fails to ensure the safety of UML leaders, the party would take matters into its own hands and arrange for their security independently.

Bhattarai stated that the UML has no objection if the name of Koshi is changed through the appropriate channels.

On Thursday, members of an identity-based faction attempted to assault the UML leader in Ilam and the Deputy Speaker of Koshi in Udayapur.

“The police have been instructed to identify the culprits involved in the incident and take appropriate action,” he said.

Home Minister Shrestha emphasized that individuals who align with the identity-based movement have the right to express their opinions and protest peacefully, exercising their freedom of thought and expression.

“The state does not condone anarchism, unconstitutional, non-peaceful, and violent activities,” he warned.