RPP offers support to UML-led govt in Koshi, opts not to join cabinet


September 8, 2023


RPP offers support to UML-led govt in Koshi, opts not to join cabinet

Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers of Koshi Province/File photo.

BIRATNAGAR: The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) parliamentary party in Koshi Province has made the decision to lend its support to the government led by CPN-UML leader Hikmat Kumar Karki.

RPP leader Bhakti Sitaula announced that his party would stand behind the UML-led government but clarified that they would not be appointing any ministers to the cabinet.

Speaking briefly with journalists at the Province chief’s office in Biratnagar, RPP leader Sitaula emphasized that the Supreme Court has rectified the political parties’ interference against constitutional provisions.

Karki has been officially appointed as the Chief Minister of Koshi Province.

In accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling, Chief Minister Parashuram Khapung has appointed Karki, the leader of the largest party in the Provincial Assembly, as the Chief Minister, following Article 168 (3) of the Constitution.

Ironically, the UML, which had previously criticized the alliance led by Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba for replacing then Prime Minister KP Oli through a mandamus government, has now assumed power in Koshi Province through a Supreme Court Mandamus, echoing the SC’s earlier verdict at the federal level.