NA meeting adjourned indefinitely

Upper House adjourned after getting no business


September 8, 2023


NA meeting adjourned indefinitely

National Assembly meeting/File photo.

KATHMANDU: The National Assembly meeting has been postponed indefinitely.

Issuing a notice on Friday, Federal Parliament General Secretary Bharatraj Gautam, informed that the meeting scheduled for Sunday has been postponed until further notice.

Earlier, the meeting was scheduled for 11 am Sunday.

According to Dashrath Dhamala, Assistant Spokesperson of the Federal Parliament Secretariat, there is no agenda in the National Assembly at present.

A National Assembly meeting was called for Sunday assuming the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-related bill could be sent to it by the House of Representatives for discussion; however, as the bill did not come to the upper house, the session got postponed.

In the last eight months, apart from the financial bill, only one bill related to regulating crimes related to loan sharking has been passed by both houses.