NC and Maoist Center vie for leadership in new Koshi govt


October 7, 2023


NC and Maoist Center vie for leadership in new Koshi govt

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BIRATNAGAR: Following the resignation of CPN-UML leader Hikmat Kumar Karki from his post as Chief Minister of Koshi Province, the Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-Maoist Center, both major parties within the opposition alliance, have asserted their intentions to initiate the formation of a new provincial government.

Within just ten months of the province assembly’s establishment, political parties have swiftly begun to stake their claims for leadership in Koshi Province again.

Following Chief Minister Karki’s resignation on Saturday, a new provincial government will be constituted in accordance with Article 168, Clause 5 of the Constitution.

The opposition coalition is gearing up to take the reins of government, as per the provision that the provincial assembly member with the majority’s support will submit their claim for the position of Chief Minister.

Nonetheless, the leadership of the government remains undecided. The leaders of the two alliance parties have asserted their respective claims.

While NC parliamentary party leader Uddhav Thapa has indicated that the decision regarding the Chief Minister’s claim will be determined by the coalition’s top leaders, Maoist Center parliamentary leader in the province, Indra Angbo, has announced his party’s intention to put forward their claim for the government.