Curfew reimposed in Nepalgunj amid Hindu-Muslim dispute


October 6, 2023


Curfew reimposed in Nepalgunj amid Hindu-Muslim dispute

Nepalgunj city/File Photo for Representation

NEPALGUNJ: The curfew, which had been temporarily lifted on Thursday in Nepalgunj of Banke, has been re-imposed today due to the persistent disputes between the Hindu and Muslim communities.

The local administration, faced with renewed tensions, deemed it necessary to reinstate the curfew.

On Friday morning, the Banke district administration office issued a notification announcing the reinstatement of the curfew.

In an order issued by Chief District Officer Bipin Acharya, the notification specifies the implementation of a prohibition order within the Nepalganj sub-metropolitan area from 6 am to 8 pm on Friday.

This measure was taken in response to ongoing controversies related to content posted on social media.

According to the administration’s notification, no gatherings, processions, assemblies, meetings, demonstrations, or any form of propaganda materials such as posters and pamphlets are permitted within the defined boundaries of Nepalgunj sub-metropolis (from Rapti river bridge in the east to Khajura road to Indrapur in the west, from Ranjha Chowk in the north to Jamunaha border crossing in the south).

Furthermore, it is stipulated that groups of no more than five individuals may gather in any one place to prevent disturbances and potential rioting.

Previously, on Thursday, a 12-hour curfew had been lifted from 8 am to 8 pm following an all-party meeting held on Wednesday aimed at resolving the dispute.

Religious leaders from both communities had participated in the agreement, but locals maintain that an underlying, invisible group inciting the dispute continues to operate in Nepalgunj.

Residents have argued that extremists from both sides are fueling the conflict under the guise of religion, leaving the dispute unresolved.